Monday, October 15, 2012

and then autunm came along...


And everything became right in the world.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

an anniversary post...

Today, ten years ago, Danny and I were married.  
Last month, we celebrated early by dropping the children at my parent's home and then spent a few days here:
myrtle beach, south carolina
We are the lamest when it comes to taking photos together so this is the only documentation I have.  But if you must know...we had a great time.  There were no kids to save from drowning or sand eating or salt-watery eyes.  Just us.


Several years ago, I watched an episode of Oprah in which Jerry Seinfeld and wife Jessica were guests on the show.  Although I know almost nothing about this famous couple, something Mr. Seinfeld said stuck with me.  When asked what it was that he loved about his wife he said he loved when she was home and would often follow her around the house because he wanted to be near her. 
"I just like her around-ness," he said.

That is exactly the way I feel about my Danny!

I love his "around-ness."

When he is home, he is lucky to get a minute to himself.  I follow him from room to room and he patiently indulges my attention-needy ways.  By far, the most fulfilling aspect of our 10 years has been the calm and sweet recognition of feeling whole when we are together.  
I still like him, love him, and more than ever love his "around-ness."

Happy 10 years Dan the Man.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a generous upbringing...

When my parents were first starting out, they committed to each other and to their God that they would always try to do and give whatever they could to those in need.  It was upon this and other worthy principles that they laid the foundation of their marriage.  
My mom once told me,
"When we were newly married, we were so poor.  But there were those who were worse off than us.  So we invited them to dinner.  We couldn't do anything for them monetarily, but we could feed we did.  We have always tried to give what we could and the Lord has always blessed us for it."   

She was right.
I do not ever remember a time that my needs and even most of my wants were not met.  Our family thrived not in spite of but because of the generous acts of my parents.  Most often, we never knew about the kind deeds that were being done and to this day I wonder about all the stories they could tell.  
But that isn't their style.
One such story that epitomizes my parents frequently comes to mind.  

Our second summer as a married couple took us to North Carolina.  We were in between college semesters  and had a 6 month old Morgan Girl in tow.  A few years earlier, my parents had moved to Raleigh from Missouri and were still trying to feel settled in their new home.  We lived with them that summer and I will always be thankful for that special time.
Shortly after our arrival in North Carolina, I was to fly home to Missouri for the wedding of my high school BFF. Before leaving for the airport, my dad asked me if I could visit 3 families for my mom and him.  He handed me a card sealed in an envelope and asked me to deliver it to one of the three families.  I agreed and shortly thereafter found myself knocking on the door of an immigrant family with whom my parents used to attend church.  The sweet mother of the family welcomed me with smiles and hugs and invited me into their humble home.  Before getting married, I had become somewhat acquainted with her and her family.  She had always greeted me with the prettiest smiles and sincere compliments. I knew the stresses in her life were great.  She was a very hard worker, sometimes working three jobs at once to support her family.  Her husband was a good man but struggled speaking English.  They had a lot of things working against them but they were always so kind and willing to help anyone they could.
After visiting with her for a few minutes, I handed her the card from my parents.  She opened it and out fell a fair amount of cash.  She started to cry and turned to her husband and said, "Look!"  She turned to me and said, "Your dad!  Your parents!  How did they know? Thank you!"  
I do not know how much money was in that card.  I am guessing it wasn't enough to end their financial struggles once and for all but it was enough to ease an immediate burden.  The look on this sweet woman's face told me that although she did not want to take money from another, it was so greatly appreciated and desperately needed.  I do not know how my dad and mom knew of the specific needs of this family but I left their home with the sweetest appreciation for how I had been raised and the example set by my parents.  It is their generous and concerned hearts that I most admire about them.

Sometimes I hear my misguided thoughts tell me, "I will give more when I have more to give."  But really, that is nothing more than a selfish justification.  There is always something that can be done, always something that can be given...just ask my poor, newly married parents.  

Friday, July 13, 2012

The sultry, humid air mixed with the heat of the sun have kept us indoors much of the past few weeks. Thankfully, Wednesday morning brought cooler temperatures and we made the most of it.  We hit up the free to the public Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead and then the not-so-free-to-the-public Sonic for some lunch.
We saw farm animals of all sorts, but the billy goats always seem to be the favorite.
This pretty little pixie reminded me of my niece Karleigh.

While at the Butterfly Garden, we were reminded of Ruthie's fear of foot-bridges.  
Note the progression...
It wasn't long before our perfect weather morning decided to crank up the heat...our cue to go home.
And because no public outing is complete without a screaming meltdown...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

the little half marathon that wasn't

Yesterday, I participated in the 39th annual
Kansas City Hospital Hill Run.
I had planned to run 13.1 miles...the half marathon.
However, my training...or lack thereof...left me thinking that the 10K, 6.2 miles, would suffice.

Let me tell you, I was not happy with the idea of downgrading my race to one with half the mileage.  I have wanted to run this race for years...YEARS!  However, pregnancy (3 different times) or newborns made that goal near impossible.  This year, I was 14 months post child birth and NOT pregnant, so I was certain I could make it happen.
Reality soon told me that training for the half is not conducive to our current season of life.

So, I ran the 10K with a bunch of my favorite friends.  And guess what!?  I loved it!  The distance was perfect, the course challenging, the event well organized, and I even managed to run a lot faster than I thought I would.  I hope there are more 10K's in my future!
Heaven forbid I ever allow another photo to be snapped of me without my makeup on!